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How Do I Stop My Metal Building From Sweating?

What can you do for metal buildings that sweat?

How do I stop my metal building from sweating? There are a number of ways to stop a metal building from sweating. It is first useful to understand the cause of metal building sweating or metal building condensation.

What causes a metal building to sweat?

Condensation or sweating in metal buildings can be caused by: 

      • High humidity inside the metal building

      • Cold metal roof and walls with hot exterior temperature

      • A lack of air circulation inside the steel building

    how to keep a metal building from sweating

        • Improve ventilation

        • Open windows and doors when the temperature allows. Ventilation can help eliminate airborne water vapor.

        • Install insulation

        • Insulation helps maintain the building’s internal temperature and prevents moisture from seeping in, which stops metal buildings from sweating. For best results, install continuous insulation when insulating a metal building roof that sweats.

        • Install vapor barriers

        • Vapor barriers help keep moisture from the outside from penetrating the building. Properly sealing the building envelope is important.

        • Use dehumidifiers for metal buildings that sweat.

        • Dehumidifiers can help balance humidity levels. You may need to use multiple units depending on the size of the building and the weather conditions.

        • Provide air circulation to for metal buildings that sweat

        • Set up a fan to make sure air can circulate through the structure. This is especially important on wet and humid days.

      You should also keep the humidity level inside metal buildings to a minimum, preferably below 40%.  

      How to prevent condensation in a metal building

      Knowing what you can do for metal buildings that sweat is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and comfort of your building.

      What can you do for metal buildings that sweat? Implementing these strategies for humidity control and moisture prevention will significantly reduce the chances of your metal building suffering from condensation. Remember, a well-ventilated and properly insulated metal building is less likely to sweat.

      Adam Cotter
      Adam Cotter

      Adam Cotter is a certified structural engineer and owner of Metal Buildings Unlimited, as well as Cotter Enterprises, INC. Located in Enterprise, AL, his family has owned a construction and development firm in Alabama for over 30 years. When he isn’t designing metal building floor plans, Adam enjoys golfing, fishing, and spending time with family.

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