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Metal Storage Buildings Alabama

Custom Metal Sheds to Fit Your Unique Storage Needs

Metal Storage Sheds for Sale

Discover the most durable and cost-effective option for Metal Storage Buildings Alabama! Are you looking to add storage space without breaking the bank? Our metal storage sheds are the perfect solution.

Whether you need to store equipment and vehicles or just need some extra square footage, our steel buildings are designed to meet various storage needs.

With a seamless purchase process, our storage sheds can be tailored per square foot to provide exactly what you’re looking for. Our sheds aren’t just any storage buildings; they are robust steel structures perfect for both residential and commercial purposes.

We’ve been in the field, and we know steel; that’s why we manufacture it for our buildings. As seasoned professionals, we take pride in our steel services and the quality of our steel storage sheds. Choose our storage buildings if you need a garage, a shed to store equipment, or a versatile steel building for any other storage needs.

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Design a custom storage shed

Design a storage building Alabama! Our metal building design tool allows you to customize your steel storage building from the ground up.

As experienced builders, we’ve seen how this tool empowers people to create custom steel structures to their specific needs and tastes.Simply click the link below and follow the on-screen instructions to design your storage shed with custom options like doors, roof style, and color. 

Metal Storage Building Photo Gallery

From garages that secure vehicles to sheds that declutter spaces, our gallery showcases an array of storage building options.

Our portfolio includes different styles, trim, and door options to give you an idea of the quality and customization available to you. Each steel building in the gallery is a testament to the attention to detail and speed of delivery that Metal Buildings Unlimited is known for. As you browse through, notice how each steel building has been meticulously constructed to provide the ultimate storage solution.

Whether you’re looking for a garage, shed, or any other type of storage building, our photo gallery can offer you ideas and insights into what’s possible.

Benefits of our Steel Storage Buildings

50% Less Than Traditional Construction

Having overseen numerous construction projects, one thing we can say with certainty is that our steel storage buildings are set at lower prices than traditional construction. The combination of materials, ease of assembly, and reduced construction time means the value is passed on to our customers. Save money with a steel storage shed.

Our Steel Buildings are Easy to Assemble

Assembling these metal storage sheds is incredibly straightforward. Pre-punched holes and clear instructions make it feasible even for those new to construction, saving time and effort on the construction site.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Our metal buildings are manufactured from premium materials and are known for their durability. As professional builders, we have seen how galvanized steel frames and wall panels stand up to harsh conditions, ensuring your building lasts for years to come.

Custom Design Options for Flexibility

The custom design options are one of our favorite metal building kit features. Whether you need to match your building’s aesthetic to your property or create something entirely unique, the flexibility in design ensures that your vision comes to life.

Metal Storage Building Customization Options

Roof Style

There are 5 types of roofing options for you to choose from.

Storage Building Dimensions

Our most popular sizes vary according to the storage project. However, no matter residential or commercial use, we have noticed that 40×60 steel buildings are one of the most popular sizes. Use our metal building tool to customize your structure to any height or length you need. The width is limited to 50 feet.

Metal Storage Shed Color Options

Whether you want your steel structure to blend in or stand out with a two-tone paint job, you can choose from 24 colors for your walls, roof, and trim. Personal and roll-up doors have 12 color options.

Framed Openings and Customizations

You choose the size, number, and position of framed openings. Choose the location of the roll-up door, personal door, and windows. A modern solution for storage space designed by you.

Why Choose Us for Metal Storage Sheds?

50 Years of Steel Industry Experience

With over 50 years in the steel industry, we at Metal Buildings Unlimited have honed our skills and evolved with the industry. Our seasoned team, rooted in Alabama, combines expertise with a commitment to quality construction and customer satisfaction. We've got a pulse on cold-formed, red iron, and galvanized steel, and our structural engineer ensures compliance with building codes.

We are a Local Metal Building Company

As your local metal building provider based in Alabama, we’re embedded in the community and understand its unique needs. We're familiar with local building codes and regulations and are dedicated to serving our community. With us, you get a partner who cares and is committed to the long-term success of your project.

Steel Storage Solutions at Low Prices

Our cutting-edge cold-formed steel technology delivers cost-effective, high-quality storage buildings. Serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the Southeast, we are ideally positioned to offer storage sheds at low prices without compromising on quality.

Engineer Certified Storage Buildings

Quality is our promise. Our licensed structural engineer, coupled with advanced design software, ensures that your metal building is built with the finest steel components. With Metal Buildings Unlimited, you get a blend of durability and performance that stands the test of time for your Alabama property.

Steel Building Kit Resources

Step-by-Step instructions

Each metal building kit comes with assembly and installation instructions, floor plans, and foundation plans. However, if you would like information on how to assemble our prefab storage buildings, please visit our How To Build a Metal Building instructional guide.

Essential Tools to build shed

You need surprisingly few tools to erect a steel storage building.  Assembly instructions contain a full list, but the main tools needed are a screwdriver, an extension ladder, and a metal cutting blade. No forklifts or cranes are required. 

Everything Included in one Kit

Parts will vary by steel building design, but building packages include wall panels, pre-cut metal panels with pre-punched holes, anchor bolts, galvanized frames, windows, doors, and floor plans. Each building kit also includes step-by-step instructions for assembly and for laying the foundation.

Metal Storage Shed FAQs

We sell metal sheds in Dothan, Montgomery, Auburn, the state of Alabama, and throughout the entire US. Whatever part of the country you live in, we sell metal storage buildings near you.

The average size of a metal storage building typically ranges from 12×20 square feet for a smaller shed to 24×36 square feet or larger for a garage.

It is generally cheaper to build a metal shed than a wood shed, as metal sheds are less expensive in terms of construction and maintenance.

When properly constructed and maintained, a steel shed or garage can last for 20 to 30 years or more.

Metal sheds may be less effective at insulating against extreme temperatures, and they might require reinforcements to withstand heavy snow loads.

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