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Metal Buildings Birmingham AL

Explore durable and versatile metal buildings Birmingham AL! Our steel structures are the perfect storage solution for both residential and commercial needs in the Birmingham area. Ready to take the next step? Get a free quote or use our online tool to customize your Birmingham metal building today!

Design Custom Metal Buildings Birmingham AL

Design a custom metal building in Birmingham, Alabama with our easy online tool. From a new building to metal garage buildings, a steel structure is cost-effective and reliable. Choose from various roof styles, including a regular roof, vertical roof, and a-frame designs. You can also select additional features like metal garages and lean-to buildings. The time frame possibility for your project is flexible, thanks to our efficient ordering process and expert installation crew.

Whether you’re looking for a dream metal building or a custom cover, our tool makes it easy to visualize and plan. Ready to create your ideal metal structure? Click below to use our online tool and get a free quote today!

Birmingham Metal Buildings for Sale

Birmingham Metal Building Photo Gallery

Explore our extensive photo gallery to see examples of metal buildings in Birmingham, AL that we’ve designed and installed. From metal barns to commercial steel structures, our gallery showcases the versatility and quality of our Birmingham metal buildings. Get inspired for your next project and see how you can benefit from our custom metal building solutions.

The Benefits of our Steel Structures in Birmingham, Alabama

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions

Opting for a steel structure in Birmingham, AL offers a cost-effective way to meet your storage needs. Whether it's a metal garage or a large commercial building, you'll find that steel is often more affordable than traditional construction methods.

Minimum Maintenance

One of the major advantages of our Birmingham metal buildings is their minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings don't require frequent maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.

Rust, Termite, Fire, and Weather Resistant

Pre engineered metal buildings can withstand Birmingham's harsh weather conditions, including snow, intense heat, and storm debris. Additionally, the galvanized steel used in our buildings is rust and fire-resistant, offering an extra layer of protection.

Durable Metal Structures

When it comes to durability, our metal buildings in Birmingham, AL stand out. Built with high-quality steel, these metal structures are weather resistant and designed to last for years, making them a reliable and long-term investment.

Why Choose Us for Metal Buildings in Birmingham, AL?

Experienced Steel Building Contractors

50 years of experience in the steel industry makes us the preferred choice for metal buildings in Birmingham, AL. We don’t just build; we create value. From a metal garage to commercial steel structures, our Alabama metal buildings are known for craftsmanship and quality.

Engineer Certified Buildings

A prefabricated metal building in Birmingham, Alabama, is constructed with top-grade steel components. Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are low maintenance and offer superior protection for storing vehicles and other valuables.

Local Metal Building Company

Our local metal building company has a working knowledge of Birmingham, Alabama, with its local building codes and permits. Unlike out-of-town metal building suppliers, we have an ongoing presence in Birmingham, even after your metal structure is complete.

Affordable Metal Building Cost

Our Birmingham metal building prices are transparent and affordable. By choosing us, you save money without compromising on quality. Use our steel building design tool to get a free quote.

Customization Options for Birmingham Metal Buildings

For metal buildings Birmingham, AL, we believe that customization is key to meeting your specific needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to personalize your steel structure. From roof styles to color schemes, our customization options ensure that your building is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

5 Types of Metal Buildings Birmingham AL

Birmingham Metal Building Sizes

Choose the building size that fits your storage needs, whether it’s a compact metal garage or a spacious commercial buildings. Our online tool makes it easy to select dimensions that align with your project requirements.

Color Options for Birmingham Steel buildings

Add a personal touch to your Birmingham metal building with our color planner. Select from a variety of hues to match your building with its surroundings or to make it stand out.

Framed Openings: Windows and Doors

Enhance the functionality and appearance of your metal building in Birmingham with our selection of windows and walk-in doors. These options provide natural light and easy access, making your steel structure more user-friendly.

Birmingham Metal Building Process

Ordering and building a metal building in Birmingham, AL, is easier than you think, thanks to our streamlined ordering process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we guide you every step of the way to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Metal Building Ordering Process

The first step in our ordering process is a consultation to discuss your needs versus budget. After understanding your requirements, a building specialist will provide a free quote.

Customization and Planning

Once you decide on the roof style, we move on to the customization phase. Feel free to use our online building tool, to create prefabricated metal garages or a steel barn.

Payment and Financing

After finalizing the design, we discuss payment options. We can help you find flexible payment options and financing to make your custom building cost more manageable.

Installation Site Prep

Once the building pad, or foundation, is completed, the concrete base is tested to ensure it is level before erecting your steel garage building.

Metal Building Delivery

We schedule a 3-week time frame for the delivery and installation of metal structures in Birmingham, Alabama. Our expert installation crew ensures that your dream building is set up to meet all local building codes.

birmingham metal building prices

When we build a steel building in Birmingham, AL, it involves installing building materials and steel components, each contributing to the overall cost. From steel prices to the geographical location, the average cost of metal buildings in Birmingham, AL, changes due to many factors.

Building Dimensions: The size of a steel garage building influences the total cost. The bigger your metal building home, the more it will cost.

Price of Steel: Raw steel prices can fluctuate based on demand. However, our cold-formed steel buildings cost much less than standard structural steel.  

Roof Type: We have five steel frame alternatives – standard gable, gambrel, American barn, single slope, and vertical roof. The cost of roofing systems depends on elemental resistance and the roof style you choose.

DIY or Metal Building Contractor: A cold-formed steel building project saves money on concrete slabs and labor costs; Birmingham residents can save even more by erecting their own DIY metal building kit.

Customization: We offer an array of fully customizable metal buildings in Birmingham, AL. These steel building accessories affect the final building cost.

Regional Location: Geographical location can affect metal building costs. However, we are a local metal building dealer, so steel building construction in Birmingham is not often influenced.

These factors influence the final price for steel buildings in Birmingham, AL. Try our online estimation tool or contact our structural engineer to get a more detailed outline of the investment required for a custom metal building project. 

Birmingham Steel Building Technical Specifications

Types of Steel Buildings

The types of steel we use in metal buildings depend on the load requirements. From red iron buildings to galvanized steel frames, we follow the steel industry's best practices.

Grade of Building Material

We only use top-grade steel components, ensuring your building is built to last.

Cold-Formed Steel Building Kits

Our unique cold-formed steel buildings in Birmingham, AL are DIY-friendly, lightweight, easy to assemble, and affordable.

Metal Buildings Birmingham FAQs

The easiest way to determine what your local building codes and permits require is to use our metal building design tool. It will provide you with all the permits you need when you design metal buildings in Birmingham, AL.

Or you can also check your local building ordinances by visiting  the Birmingham Department of Planning, Engineering, and Permits.

We sell metal buildings in Birmingham, AL and far beyond. We supply metal building kits to all 50 states.

Metal buildings vary greatly in cost depending on factors like location, vertical roof style, and more. On average, standard structures cost $15-$20 a square foot. Less expensive lean-to buildings cost around $6 a square foot. Keep in mind these metal building prices are estimates and will vary.

While the lifespan of metal buildings vary by customizations like roof style, our cold-formed steel buildings generally last for a century with minimum maintenance.

Build Your Dream Metal Building in Birmingham AL

Don’t wait any longer to bring your metal garage to life. With our extensive range of customization options, durable materials, and expert installation, your metal barn is just a few clicks away. Whether you’re looking for a simple custom garage or a complex commercial structure, we’ve got you covered.

Take the first step towards more secure storage space. To learn more about our metal buildings, call us at 334-470-2200 or fill out our contact form. Get a free quote or use our online tool to start planning metal buildings Birmingham, AL!

We sell metal buildings in Birmingham AL and beyond, including: