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Metal Buildings Montgomery AL

Our local metal buildings in Montgomery, AL, offer cost-effective and versatile solutions for all your storage needs. Our steel structures cater to residential, agricultural, and commercial properties. Design a custom steel building with our online tool. Get a free quote today!

Design Custom Metal Buildings Montgomery AL

Design prefab metal buildings Montgomery, AL, with our easy-to-use metal building online design tool. Customize steel structures to fit your specific storage needs. Choose your preferred building size, roof style, side panels, doors, roof panels, and color options for metal garages, metal carports, or steel barns. 

Whether you are looking for a small storage building or a commercial office building, our metal building experts have got you covered. Take control of your construction project and bring your vision to life with high-quality building materials. Click the button and create custom metal buildings!

Types of Metal Buildings for Sale in Montgomery AL

Discover the value of metal buildings Montgomery AL! Metal building kits offer a durable storage solution at an incredibly low cost. With easy installation and customization options, our versatile metal structures are perfect for metal storage buildings, barndominiums, steel garages, and more. Pre-engineered metal buildings cost less than traditional construction, so you don’t have to compromise on quality for affordability to discover the advantages of metal buildings in Montgomery, AL!

Montgomery Metal Building Photo Gallery

Discover the versatility and quality of steel structures through our metal building photo gallery. Featuring a wide range of Montgomery steel buildings, you’ll see firsthand how metal building kits can be used for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications.

Browse our metal buildings for inspiration and see how we can secure your assets. Trust Metal Buildings Unlimited to help bring your dream building to life with unmatched value and craftsmanship.

The Benefits of Our Metal Buildings Montgomery, Alabama

Unmatched Durability

Our cold-formed steel structure is 20% stronger than traditional steel and will not warp, crack or fade when exposed to the elements.  When it comes to durability, steel buildings can withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to common issues like termites, mold, and fire. 

Cost-Effective Construction

Metal buildings in Montgomery, Alabama, are an affordable investment for constructing your storage solution. Look into flexible payment options to make your cost in a Montgomery metal building even more accessible. Our no-weld cold-formed metal buildings need 25% less concrete and lower labor costs. 

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Peace of Mind

With a local metal building in Montgomery, AL, you don’t have to worry about constant upkeep. Steel structures are designed to need little maintenance, saving you both time and money. Whether you’re using it for storing equipment or an office, a Montgomery steel building gives maximum peace of mind.

Fast Metal Building Delivery & Installation

We ensure a swift time frame possibility for a 3-week delivery of a metal storage building in Montgomery, AL. Whether you’re looking to set up metal garages or business space, our efficient installation process ensures the price for labor is low. Let us serve your needs with metal building delivery and installation.

Customization Options for Montgomery Metal Buildings

Whether you need carports, metal garages with lean-to buildings, or commercial buildings in the Montgomery area, our flexible customization options can meet your storage needs.

Types of Metal Buildings Montgomery AL

Roof Types: Contact us or use our design tool to choose a roof style for metal garages Montgomery, carports, barns, or other custom metal buildings. Look through the images and determine which roof style suits your storage needs.

Montgomery Steel Building Color Options

Whether you want your steel structure to blend in or stand out with a two-tone paint job, you can choose from 24 colors for your walls, roof, and trim. Personal and roll-up doors have 12 color options. See the possibilities with out design tool’s color planner.

Montgomery Metal Building Dimensions

Explore building sizes for your Montgomery, AL storage building. Our design tool lets you visualize the size of Montgomery metal buildings and metal barns. Upgrade your metal carport into a metal garage or create a metal warehouse. The possibilities for customization are endless.

Windows and Doors: Framed Openings

With our design tool, you decide the location and size of framed openings. Choose from garage doors for vehicle storage, walk-in doors for personal, and windows for lighting. Our affordable metal buildings Montgomery AL are a modern solution for storage space, designed by you.

Technical Specifications for our Metal Structures

Cold-Formed Steel Buildings
Our cold-formed steel buildings are DIY-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective.
Quality Building Materials
We use top-grade steel components, ensuring your Montgomery metal building is built to last.
Types of Steel
Depending on the load requirements we offer red iron buildings, galvanized steel frames, and light weight cold formed steel.
Installation Process
Our metal buildings come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making it easy to erect our DIY steel building kits.

metal building cost in Montgomery, Alabama

When we build a metal building in the Montgomery area, we assemble building materials and steel components, each adding to the average cost of steel buildings. From steel prices to geographic location, the average cost of steel structures in Montgomery, AL, fluctuates due to many influences.

Factors that influence Metal Building Price

Steel Building Size: The size of a metal structure significantly influences the total cost. The larger the steel garage building, the more it costs.

Price of Steel: Raw steel pricing can fluctuate based on demand and other unforeseen events that might impede distribution channels. Our cold-formed steel buildings cost less than structural steel.  

5 Roof Types: We have five metal roofing alternatives – standard gable, American barn, single slope, vertical roof, and gambrel. The pricing for roofing systems depends on design and elemental resistance.

Contractor or DIY Metal Building: A weld-free building means a light Montgomery steel building project, which saves money on concrete slabs and labor. Montgomery residents will be able to save more when they erect a metal building kit themselves.

Metal Building Accessories: We offer many choices for our metal buildings in Montgomery, AL. However, these enhancements affect the final cost of steel structures.

Regional Location: The geographic location of a metal building can alter costs, but because we are a local dealer, steel building construction in Montgomery, AL, is not usually affected.

Why Choose Us for Local Metal Buildings in Montgomery, AL?

Experienced Steel Building Experts

50 years of experience in the steel industry makes us the preferred choice for metal buildings Montgomery AL. We don’t just build; we create value. From a metal garage to commercial steel structures, our Alabama metal buildings are the epitome of craftsmanship and quality.

Engineer Certified Metal Buildings

Our Montgomery, AL metal garage buildings are constructed with top-grade steel components. Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are low maintenance and offer superior protection for storing vehicles and other valuables.

local steel building suppliers in Alabama

Our metal building company has a working knowledge of Montgomery, Alabama, with its local building codes and permits. Unlike out-of-town metal building suppliers, we have an ongoing presence in Alabama, even after your metal structure is complete.

Affordable Metal Buildings Prices

We understand that price is a primary concern for our customers. Which is why our metal building costs are transparent and affordable. By choosing us, you save money without compromising on quality. Use our metal building design tool to get a free price quote.

Metal Buildings FAQs

On average, standard metal structures cost $15-$20 a square foot. A less expensive lean-to building or a metal building kit costs about $6 a square ft. Metal building prices are estimates and will vary by size and complexity.

Due to the customizable nature of metal buildings in the Montgomery area, it is almost impossible to give an exact price without any specifics. We recommend using our online building tool, or requesting a free quote from our Alabama metal building company.

It is recommended that you research steel suppliers online by searching for terms like “metal buildings Montgomery AL” or “metal buildings near me” to see a list of steel building providers in the Montgomery area.

From this list, you will find that many of the metal building dealers are not local.

Before constructing metal buildings in Montgomery, AL, always check if you should secure building permits. The permit process in Montgomery involves an online application, reviewed for code compliance, possibly followed by building inspections, ending with a certificate of occupancy issuance after passed inspections. Click this link to the Montgomery Building Permits webpage for more permit information.

The cost of metal structures in Montgomery, AL varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. We recommend using our steel building design tool, or requesting a free quote. Our local contractors can provide you with the best price and free consultation for residential metal structures. We use cold-formed steel for garages, barns, carports, and more, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

For typical steel buildings there are some disadvantages to traditional construction. The main one is that standard structural steel can rust. However, our innovative cold-formed steel is rust-resistant. With minimal maintenance, your steel structure can remain standing for a century.

There are many reasons to choose us as a steel building provider, but we would like two highlight three benefits of partnering with us. The first is our geographical location. Unlike many of our out-of-state corporate competitors, we are a local metal-building company in Alabama. This means we will be with you through the ordering process, to installation, and for years to come after.

The second advantage is our amazing metal-building team. Our building specialists have over 50 years of metal building industry experience. Our team of contractors includes a structural engineer, ensuring your metal structure can withstand extreme weather conditions, high winds, and heavy snow. And yes, we realize that you are unlikely to see any heavy snowfall in Alabama, but it is still a building requirement.

The third reason we are the best metal building company is our innovative cold-formed steel prices and durability. This cutting-edge building material is 20% stronger than traditional steel, corrosion resistant, and can last 4 times as long with almost no upkeep. Use our metal building tool or contact us today for a free quote!

Get a Montgomery Metal Building Quote Without a Call

Call us at 334-470-2200 to create a cost-effective metal garage or steel building to meet your storage needs. You can speak with one of our building specialists or use our metal building design tool to get a free quote with no obligation. Meet your storage needs with metal buildings in Montgomery, AL!

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