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Design your own metal building online free with our 3D metal building designer! Design your own steel building for your exact requirements.

Our free metal building design software improves how you can visualize your dream building before making a purchase. Whether you’re looking to construct a metal garage, a steel barn, a metal structure with lean-tos, a metal house, or other metal buildings, our easy-to-use metal building design tool is your one-stop solution. With a user-friendly interface, you can customize every detail, from roof styles to building dimensions, to create the perfect steel building kit tailored to your needs. 

Our online steel building planner offers an easy process for designing steel buildings with various roof styles, including the option to adjust the slope of your roof for the ideal roof style. Metal Buildings Unlimited is a leading dealer in Alabama, partnering with multiple metal building manufacturers to offer you a large range of affordable steel buildings. 

Our steel building design tool saves you time and allows you to install your own buildings to desired dimensions and customizations without effort. Once you’ve finalized your custom steel building, you can request a free quote for your construction project. To design your steel building kit, click this link and follow the on-screen instructions.

What is a 3D Metal Building Design Tool?

Our steel building design tool is an easy-to-use software that lets customers and engineers create, customize, and visualize free metal building plans before paying for the construction project. This free, user-friendly tool provides comprehensive access to various features, allowing you to select doors, windows, and other structural elements while keeping track of the overall cost and budget.

Ideal for anyone at the beginning of a building project as well as those who are new to DIY metal building construction, it offers detailed insights to help you make informed decisions and lets customers see things like the color and style of steel buildings.

If you’re a builder looking to construct a custom garage, barn, or any other steel structure, this tool is a cost-effective way to plan, price, and bring your project to life.

How to Use Our Free steel building design software

Price steel barns and create steel buildings with our free online tool by following this step-by-step instructions guide.

Choose Your Metal Building Type With A Steel Building Kit Template

Choose from 1 of 5 custom metal building templates. Clearspan, barn, gambrel, gable, and single slope kits are available. Our 3D steel building designer can give you a blank template or a base model to begin to design steel structures.

Navigating the Metal Building Online Designer

  1. Orbit the Camera View: To get a full view of your steel building design, drag anywhere on the screen using your left mouse button.
  2. Pan the Camera View: To shift the focus of your building design, drag anywhere using your right mouse button.
  3. Zoom In/Out: Use your mouse’s scroll wheel to zoom in or out for a closer look at specific details.
  4. Help Feature: If you get stuck during the design process, click the “Help” button located in the corner of the screen for assistance.

Input your dimensions for building size

  1. Adjust Building Dimensions: Use the dimension handle to change the dimensions of your metal building.
  2. Change Roof Slope: Utilize the roof pitch handle to adjust the slope of your roof style.
  3. Toolbar Customization: The toolbar can also be used to change building length, leg height, width, and roof type properties.

Features of online metal building design tool

  1. Edit the Metal Building Planner: Use the toolbar to change general building properties like color and sheeting type. Plan the color of your metal structure, with 24 colors to choose from.
  2. Edit Walls and Roof: Click an “Edit” button on the model to modify a wall or roof specifically.
  3. Edit Single Bay: To edit the properties of a single bay, click the “Edit” button on a wall, followed by the “Edit” button on the bay.

lean to design tool Configuration

    1. Lean-to Button: Click on a lean-to button along the bottom of the building sidewall to add or remove a lean-to.
    2. Individual Bays: To add a lean-to in specific bays only, check the “Individual Bays” switch in the toolbar.

Managing Openings: Custom metal building design tool

  1. Choose Opening Type: Use the toolbar to select an opening type, then click “Add” to begin adding an opening to your steel building.
  2. Place Opening: When adding an opening, click on a wall to place it.
  3. Edit Existing Openings: Click the “Edit” button on an existing opening to begin the editing process.

Bay Sheeting Management

Open Bay Button: Click on an open bay button to add or remove sheeting from one of the bays on your metal building.

Adding Mezzanine Floors with the 3D Metal Building Designer

  1. Mezzanine Switch: Click the “Mezzanine” switch on the toolbar to add a mezzanine floor to your building design.
  2. Set Height: Use the toolbar to set the limit for the height of the mezzanine floor.

Prop Placement: Real-world Objects for Scale

  1. Add New Prop: Click a prop icon on the toolbar to begin adding a new prop for scale reference.
  2. Place and Edit Props: When adding a new prop, click anywhere in the 3D design space to place it. Click on an existing prop to begin editing.

Design, Configure, and Price Steel Buildings Online with our 3D Building Design Tool

Ready to bring your dream project to life? Our metal building online designer offers unparalleled customization options, allowing you to build, configure, and engineer your ideal steel structure. From selecting doors and windows to detailing the welding and construction aspects, our tool provides a seamless experience. Our team of skilled engineers is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your property gets the structure it deserves.

Don’t let budget constraints hold you back! With transparent pricing options, you can design your own metal building online free. Our tool lets you customize and price your metal building design to fit your budget without compromising on quality. Click below to start building, configuring, and pricing your steel buildings online today. Design your own metal building with our easy-to-use metal building designer.