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Metal Buildings Florida

Metal buildings in Florida are durable storage solutions able to meet the needs of your commercial, residential, and agricultural property. What’s more, Florida steel buildings are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and easy to assemble compared to traditional construction.

Florida metal buildings protect your valuables at low prices! Get a free quote, or use our online tool to design your own metal structure today!

Design Custom Metal Buildings Florida

Construct unique metal buildings in Florida with our easy design tool. Customize every detail of your steel structure. Whether you need a protective metal garage, a metal shed, or spacious metal homes, our cold-formed steel building kits are affordable and easy to assemble.

Plus, our online tool aligns with local building codes, ensuring every new metal building in Florida is compliant and ready to be constructed.

Experience versatility in these tough steel buildings with customization options for doors, windows, wall configurations, and boxed eave styles. Design steel buildings in Florida by clicking the link below and following the onscreen directions.

metal buildings for sale florida

From sturdy steel garages safeguarding equipment to comfortable, weather-resistant metal building homes, our metal buildings for sale in Florida are perfect for extra storage space. What’s more, Florida residents save money on installation and upkeep with rust and hurricane-resistant steel structures.

Florida Metal Building Photo Gallery

See the vast assortment of steel garages and structures, showcasing our commitment to using only the finest materials and installation process.

A Florida metal building isn’t just a metal garage but an example of delivering excellent quality metal buildings in many different sizes designed to match the ground on which it stands.

Check out our gallery and see the precision, beauty, and quality that make our steel buildings stand out in the Sunshine State.

Why Choose Us for Metal Buildings Florida?


We bring more than half a century of combined steel industry expertise to assist you with your metal building project. Our team of seasoned builders and contractors are experts in cold-formed, red iron, and galvanized steel. And our structural engineer ensures your steel structure meets load-bearing and building codes.

Engineer Certified Metal Structures

Our steel buildings are built to code and crafted using top-grade steel components and building materials, ensuring durability and enduring performance. For your Florida property, choose Metal Buildings Unlimited, where customer service meets reliability

Low-Cost Steel Buildings

The cost of metal buildings varies from location to manufacturer, but we leverage state-of-the-art cold-formed steel technology to create buildings that are more affordable than traditional construction. As a leading metal building dealer, we're uniquely positioned to offer high-quality metal buildings at low prices in Florida.

Local Metal Building Company

Our extensive construction experience, coupled with a working knowledge of local building codes and regulations in Florida, makes us a trustworthy partner for your storage building needs. Unlike distant corporate companies, we are a locally based metal building company, and we're committed to serving our community and the Tri-State area for years to come.

The Benefits of Our Metal Buildings in Florida

Easy Installation for Rapid Construction

Our steel building kits can be designed, engineered, and delivered in as little as 3 weeks. Leveraging real-time engineering, we can provide you with an accurate quote in minutes and have shorter lead times.

steel buildings florida hurricane proof

Built from ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant G-90 galvanized framing along with innovative cold-formed steel, our steel buildings in Florida are hurricane proof offering maximum protection against extreme weather. Engineered to withstand wind loads up to 180 mph, our buildings offer peace of mind in even the toughest storms.

Salt-Proof Structures - Rust Resistant for Florida's Coastal Conditions

Our cold-formed steel buildings are corrosion-resistant, perfect for Florida’s salt-laden coastal areas. Zinc coatings prevent moisture retention and mold growth, ensuring your investment will stand the test of time.

Cold-Formed Steel Buildings Kits Long Life Span

Our metal buildings generate less waste during construction due to the precision of cold-formed steel. Coupled with the buildings’ long lifespan—over 100 years with a protective zinc coating—they offer a reliable storage solution.

Features of Our Florida Metal Buildings

Weld-Free, Easy Assembly

Our cold-formed steel buildings employ weld-free construction for easy assembly. With engineering, foundation plans, and directions included, you can build with ease.

Protective Coatings for Enhanced Durability

Each metal building features a protective coating—aluminum, zinc, or a mixture of both—to guard against corrosion, mold, and fire and enhance durability.

Cost-Effective Slab-to-Building Engineering

Our unique cold-formed engineering and steel connections simplify the construction process. Concrete foundation size drawings come standard with our building kits, representing potential savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Minimum Maintenance for Easy Upkeep

One of the biggest advantages of our Florida metal buildings is the minimal maintenance they require. Designed with cold-formed steel, these structures resist rust, mold, and pests, eliminating frequent repairs and upkeep. This ensures your building stays durable and attractive for years, saving you both time and money in maintenance costs.

Customization Options for Steel Buildings Florida

Roof Styles

From Dutch Barn, American Barn, Gable, and single slope vertical roof style buildings to customization options, our metal buildings meet diverse storage needs without compromising on delivery times.

Doors and Windows

Our steel building customization options include framed openings. Choose garage doors, bay doors, personal doors, and window options, like size and color.

Color Planner

Choose from over 20 color options for the walls of steel buildings and 12 color options for doors.

Multiple Metal Building Configurations

From complete overhangs and lean-to’s to multiple bays, roof pitches, and mezzanine options, our metal buildings are highly configurable. With premium cold-formed steel structural members, you can have clear spans of up to 100 feet and beyond.

Metal Building Technical Specifications

Cold-Formed Steel Buildings
Our unique metal buildings uses cold-formed steel which is DIY-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective.
Material Quality
We use top-grade steel components, ensuring Florida metal buildings are built to last through any storm.
Types of Steel
From red iron buildings to galvanized steel frames we follow steel industry best practices, dependent on the load requirements. .
Our Florida metal buildings come with easy-to-follow assembly and installation instructions, making it easy to erect our DIY steel building kits.

Florida Steel Building Framing Systems

When it comes to framing Florida steel buildings, we offer a variety of robust options.

Gable – Clearspan Rigid Frame

Ideal for large open spaces, this frame design can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and is compatible with either cold-form purlins or open web joists. Primarily used for agricultural and commercial metal building projects in Florida requiring large clear span areas, this tapered member frame is suitable for spans ranging from 40 to 150 feet.

TrussFrame – Open Web Rigid Frame

Commonly used in Florida for clearspan structures exceeding 250 feet, TrussFrame allows for the integration of HVAC and sprinkler systems.

Single Slope – Clear Span Rigid Frame

Designed for clearspan applications between 40 and 150 feet, this frame type is frequently used in retail centers and is ideal for drainage limitations.

Gable-Modular, Rigid Frame

This design accommodates multiple spans in a Florida steel building wider than 80 feet and is economical for spans between 40 and 80 feet.

Lean-to Building Frame

This frame type attaches to a primary steel building frame for support and is suitable for spans between 20 and 60 feet.

Tapered Beam (TCG)

Designed for small metal buildings requiring clear spans from 20 to 60 feet, this frame type maximizes interior space efficiency.

Anchor Types for Metal Buildings Florida

Metal building anchors are pivotal in stabilizing your steel building FL, offering essential protection against turbulent weather conditions. 

Rebar Anchors: Suitable for areas with moderate wind conditions and stable soil. While effective, these are not ideal for regions with frequent storms.

Mobile Home Anchors: These auger-style anchors are ideal for securing structures with soil-based foundations, providing wind certification and enhanced stability.

Concrete Anchors: Designed for buildings with concrete foundations, these anchors bolt your structure securely to its foundation.

Asphalt Anchors: These are specialized for asphalt foundations and are strong, although not as strong as concrete anchors.

Florida Metal Building Certification

Metal Buildings Unlimited ensures that your building’s structural integrity meets established wind, snow, and seismic load benchmarks. This certification confirms the appropriateness of your chosen anchors, the incorporation of braces on each leg, and overall structural strength to withstand Florida’s extreme weather conditions.

Steel building resources

Are you constructing a metal building project? A metal building kit includes assembly instructions and metal building floor plans; plus, they have foundational concrete pad directions.

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions & Essential Tools Needed: Our custom steel buildings come with a comprehensive guide that walks you through the assembly process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Visit our “How To Build a Metal Building” guide for more information and the essential tools you need to build.
  • DIY-Steel Building Kits: Our DIY building kits come pre-measured and cut to exact specifications. With easy instructions, you can assemble your building efficiently at a lower cost than normal.

Metal Buildings Florida FAQs

Florida steel buildings prices vary based on size, customization, and other factors. From metal garages and metal carports to larger commercial structures, the cost can range significantly. Metal Buildings FL offers incredibly versatile options for every budget, ensuring a quality structure that’s a significant investment for your needs. Contact us today for a detailed quote.

Building a DIY steel building in Florida is a feasible project with the right guidance. We offer steel building kits that are incredibly versatile and come with step-by-step instructions which can be found on our website’s steel resources section. It’s essential to consider local building codes and obtain necessary permits. Our customers often find our kits a significant investment that offers long-lasting benefits

To assemble metal buildings in Florida, you’ll need various tools, including wrenches, pliers, levelers, and power drills. It’s crucial to have the right equipment to ensure a smooth assembly process. Whether it’s a metal garage or a commercial structure, our kits come with detailed instructions to guide you through the metal building process.

Yes, building permits are typically required for erecting metal buildings in Florida. Local regulations and building codes may vary, so it’s essential to consult with local authorities before breaking ground. Our team can guide you through the permitting process to ensure compliance with all local regulations.

The type of anchors used in Florida metal buildings depends on the ground and structural requirements. Common options include concrete anchors for solid foundations and earth anchors for ground-level installations. These anchors secure the structure, whether it’s for vehicles, equipment, or general storage, offering stability and safety.

Protect Your Investments with a Hurricane-Proof, Rust-Resistant Metal Building

Protecting your valuable possessions, whether vehicles, equipment, or personal items, is important, especially in regions prone to harsh weather conditions. Our hurricane-proof, rust-resistant metal buildings are designed to withstand the elements.

These steel structures are incredibly versatile, tailored to your specific storage needs, and represent a significant investment in safeguarding what matters to you most. Try our online design tool or contact us today to explore the best options for metal buildings in Florida!

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