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barndominium kits with prices alabama

Modern Barndominium Kits: Rustic Charm Meets Modern Living

barndominiums kits for sale

Are you looking for affordable barndominiums for sale? Discover our barndominium kits with prices Alabama and beyond! Barndo kits are packages of building materials with everything you need to make your home complete barndominium kits. Modern barndominiums balance aesthetics with functionality for a cost-effective steel frame barndominium building that traditional construction can’t match. 

Go beyond the limitations of traditional homes to discover how steel buildings could be the foundation of your dream home.

Unbeatable in cost savings, affordable barndominium kits include everything you need for barndominium construction and installation. Contact us for a free quote to discover affordable barndominium home kits today! 

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Design Custom Barndominium Building Kits

Bring your barndo kit to life with our interactive design tool. Adjust barndominium house plans, tweak interior elements, and choose your preferred colors and building size to create Alabama barndominiums.

Design quality prefab barndominium kits with customizable features such as roof options, metal siding, second floor, metal roof, windows, and doors, with ample space to your specifications. Try our no-obligation tool for barndominium house kits.

barndominium kits prices

How much does a barndominium kit cost?

On average, a prefabricated barndominium kit cost can range between $20 to $35 per square foot. Be aware that building material and the price of steel fluctuates greatly and prefab barndominium prices may change with it. 

What determines barndominium house kits prices

Barndominium kit prices can be affected by several factors, including location, size, design complexity, steel prices, and customization. For up-to-date barndominium kit price, please use our custom metal building tool.

Benefits of Steel Barndominiums

Choosing a steel structure for a new home goes beyond the charm of country living with contemporary amenities. It’s about selecting quality building materials for your detached structures that offer numerous benefits over wood or brick buildings. A custom barndominium for sale in Alabama starkly contrasts conventional construction with superior resistance to elements and lower maintenance requirements.

steel barndominium kits are strong & durable

Steel is immune to many issues that haunt wood structures over time. Its robust nature stands tall against extreme weather conditions, offering spacious living areas that remains intact for decades.


Steel is resilient against common household issues like mold, pests, and rot, often found in wood constructions. A low maintenance barndominium means you spend less time worrying about cleaning pollen or upkeep and more time enjoying your barndominium home.

cost-effective barndominium shells for sale

A prefabricated steel structure streamlines on-site construction, saving you valuable time and labor cost. This efficiency translates into savings compared to the cost of traditional home construction. Ask about barndominium kits with prices Alabama!

metal barndominium kits: safer living quarters

Safety is a paramount concern for any home. A steel barndominum's resistance to fire, rust, and molds ensures that your home remain a secure, safe environment for your valuable and your loved ones. Trust in our Alabama barndominium builders, and enjoy peace of mind with a high-quality, durable structure.

Barndominium Photo Gallery

We invite you to browse through our gallery of custom and prefab barndominium kits in Alabama and beyond. These construction projects give a glimpse into the possibilities our steel barndominium kits offer. Let these inspire you as you design your dream barndominium home with our metal building design tool or by consultation with our structural engineer.

Build your own Barndominium Shell Kit

DIY barndominium kits are comprehensive and come with all the building materials and installation instructions required for building complete barndominium kits. When building a barndominium in Alabama, you want every component accounted for, from load-bearing walls and steel frames to metal panels and roofs. DIY barndominium building kits contain lumber or steel, according to barndominium plans.

Steel Building Resources

We design our metal building kits to make the process of turning your dream home into reality as easy as possible. Please see our How to Build your own barndominium instructional guide for recommended tools and assembly instructions for an easy-to-assemble barndo shell kit.

barndominium house plans alabama

We offer a broad array of barndominium floor plans, allowing you to find the perfect design for your property. We have noticed many metal building companies offering a barndominium kit in Alabama without including assembly instructions. You never have to worry about that with one of our easy DIY metal building kits. 

Some of the more popular plans include: barndominium floor plan 4 bedroom, barndominium house plans with garage, and barndominium plans with shop.

The metal barndominium kit construction process is simplified with our custom metal buildings design tool, where you can visualize and modify the barndominium plans Alabama, choose your favorite colors, and finalize other customization options. 

Customization options for barndominium kits

Our wide array of modern barndomnium kits can vary in color, size, steel frame type, roof style, windows, roll-up doors, and more to match your unique storage space needs.

Barndominium Roof Styles

We provide robust, galvanized steel frame barndominium kits for sale Alabama, guaranteeing structural integrity and durability. Unlike traditional homes, our steel structures are designed to withstand seismic activity and extreme weather conditions, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Choose options like gable, gambrel, single slope, or American barn-building kits.

Barndominium Building Sizes

An Alabama barndo kit includes a metal building floor plan and is available in almost unlimited sizes, ranging from common barndominium sizes like 30×36 steel structures to expansive 50×60 barn buildings. Whether your house barndominium kit needs an additional living space or lean-to for your vehicles, spacious living quarters, or specialized areas like horse stalls, we’ve got you covered.

Alabama barndominium colors

Coordinate barndo kits color with your siding, roof, and door to match your home, or go for a unique and structurally sound barndominium home. Explore black barndominiums, white barndominiums, red barndominiums, two-tone, and much more. 

Barndominium Windows & Doors

You choose the size, number, and position of your custom barndominium roll-up doors, personal doors, and windows. A modern, rustic living space designed by you, built for you.

Barndominiums Technical Specifications

Types of Steel
From red iron buildings to galvanized steel frames, the types of steel we use in custom metal buildings depends on load requirements.
Quality Barndo Building Materials
We use top-grade steel components, ensuring barndominium build kits are built to last.
Modern Barndominium Accessories
Metal barndominum building kits come with all needed accessories and installation instructions, making it easy to erect prefab bardndomiums.
Cold-Formed Steel Buildings
Cold-formed steel barndominiums are DIY-friendly, lightweight metal structures, and cost-effective post frame construction

Barndominium Building Process

Barndominium Ordering Process
During the planning and design phase, we work with you to understand the specific goals when ordering your modern barndominium, while meeting local building codes to ensure your new steel building meets all requirements.
Prep the Installation Site
Before building your metal barn with living quarters, it helps to determine if your building site is on level ground. Our barndominum experts can help pour the concrete foundation.
Barndomium Delivery
Overall, your barndominium building kit will be shipped to you within 3 weeks, making for a fast barndominium installation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with barndominium kits in Alabama.
Build Your Own DIY Barndomium or General Contractor
Barndo assembly is easier than you think with our steel building kits. Do it yourself, or hire a metal building contractor for, like Metal Buildings Unlimited. We specialize in barndominium construction services.

barndominium kits FAQs

Are you asking who builds barndominiums in Alabama? We are Alabama barndominium builders that supply barndominium shell kits to anywhere inside of the United States. We provide affordable storage solutions to the entire United States.

With our innovative cold formed steel buildings, lead times are short. You will be shipped your home barndominium house kit within 3 weeks of your order being placed.

How much does a barndominium kit cost in Alabama? On average, we have seen the cost of barndominium kits in Alabama range between $20 to $35 per square foot. However, building supplies and steel prices fluctuare greatly and barndominium prices depend on many factors such as location, size, design complexity, and customization. When looking for barndominium kits with prices Alabama, contact our barndo builders or use our design tool for a free quote and exact barndominium pricing. 

Securing barndominium financing in Alabama can be a straightforward process if you know where to look. One of the first options to consider is Alabama Ag Credit, a borrower-owned cooperative specializing in rural property loans at competitive interest rates.

Another trusted option is Alabama Farm Credit, which focuses on agricultural properties, making them a good fit for barndominium loans.

You also may consider a trusted local bank. Alabama Peoples Bank is one such option for your construction loan needs. Founded in 1977, they have expanded their services across the state and offer various types of loans suitable for barndominium construction.

Before applying for any loan, make sure to check your Alabama property line specifications, as this could affect the loan amount you’re eligible for. Additionally, consider the projected barndominium size, as this will impact the loan amount and interest rate.

There are several ways of securing a metal building construction loan when looking to buy barndominium kits in Alabama. Make sure to shop around and compare terms to find the best fit for your financial situation.

With easy building codes and low oversight, the Yellowhammer state is a great place for barndominium builders in Alabama. Our structural engineer and metal building specialist will make sure all building regulations are met and building permits are up to date.

Or if you want to look into local ordinances yourself, check with the Alabama Division of Construction Management for additional information. Alabama is rather easy going on their building requirements as steel barndominiums are incredibly safe. Even cheap barndominium kits will have solid interior load bearing walls. 

Why Choose our Barndominium Kits for sale?

Experience a seamless journey toward metal barndominiums in Alabama. With over 50 years of experience in the steel industry, our team of Alabama barndominium builders is committed to steel kits that are energy-efficient and durable.

Whether modern farmhouse barndomiunium kits or a modern barndo house, we design living spaces that reflect your personal style. You can customize every element of your barndominium shell kit, from the walls and doors to windows and roofs, suiting your housing needs.

Moreover, you can save money with a homestead barndominium plan, especially if you have DIY experience. Working with our building contractors for the main framing and construction can also be an option, depending on your building project requirements and budget.

Contact us today and discover where rustic charm meets modern convenience. Explore barndominium kits Alabama! 

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