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Metal Barns

steel barns are affordable Storage Solutions

Alabama Metal Barns for Sale

Metal Barns are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing a sturdy and reliable agricultural storage solution for your equipment storage and farming needs. Constructed with premium steel materials, metal barns are low maintenance and address the high cost of traditional wood structures.

Farmers and horse owners, often tell us how useful they find the metal farm buildings we construct for them. Whether you’re storing hay, protecting livestock, or housing farm equipment, our Alabama metal barn building will meet your specific requirements. Trust our team of barn builders and our top-selling metal barns for your next farm building.

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Design Custom Metal Barn Buildings

Having worked with several farmers, we understand the unique challenges they face. That’s why we custom barns made by our design tool. This easy tool lets farmers design a custom structure meeting farm hay and feed storage needs.

Custom metal barns offer options for steel framing, walk-in doors, vertical roof features, color choices, and more. Our metal structures bring durability and strength at a low price per square foot, providing long-term savings compared to traditional pole barns.

Create custom metal barns for a building plan that meets your storage needs. Click the link below and follow on-screen directions.

Pictures of Metal Barns

Completed Farm Building Projects

Our photo gallery offers an array of agricultural metal buildings. Ranging from clear-span open shelters to fully enclosed steel barns with lean tos, we feel that these images demonstrate the variety of farm building applications possible with our steel building kits.

As you browse through the gallery, notice how each steel building has been meticulously installed to provide ideal storage features.

Benefits of our Metal Barns

Our metal barn buildings not only offer superior durability and low maintenance but are also cost-effective, safeguarding your agricultural investments and offering unmatched versatility benefits for farmers and horse owners alike.


Our steel barns are constructed with advanced cold-formed steel that not only meets industry requirements for strength but also ensures durability and low maintenance. The quality building materials used in our steel components give rise to premium metal barns that stand resilient against rust, mold, wind, and fire. Even the challenging humidity and heat of Alabama weather won't cause structural or aesthetic deterioration, ensuring that your metal barn stays steadfast and vibrant without warping or fading.


Whether you need garages, carports, or metal barns, our steel building kits are surprisingly versatile. With vertical roof, A-frame, gambrel, lean-tos, and fully enclosed or clear span design options available, you can customize your metal farm building to meet your specific needs. Craft your metal barn to build affordable horse stables, feed storage buildings, livestock shelters, or any agricultural metal building.


Our metal barn kits are not only versatile, but they are also easy to install. Our weld free kits come with step-by-step instructions for assembly and even include directions for pouring a concrete slab foundation.


With shorter lead times of only 3 weeks, our cold formed metal barn kits ship faster than our competitors. Metal Buildings Unlimited will be with you throughout the entire delivery process to ensure your satisfaction.

Custom Options for Metal Barns

Our steel barns are available in many color options and various sizes, with options for a vertical roof style or a regular roof style according to your needs. Moreover, our steel barns include doors, windows, and lean-tos that offer additional storage space and are ideal for housing livestock or equipment.

Steel Barn Roof Styles

A metal barn comes in multiple roof types with design templates such as gambrel, A-frame, and vertical roof options.

Mezzanine Flooring

Create a modern hayloft in your metal barn with mezzanine flooring. This metal barn add-on creates additional storage with unused vertical space.

Framed Openings

Need roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, or windows for your steel barn? You choose the size, number, and position of framed door openings in the structure. Choose the location of the garage doors and windows for storage structures designed by you.

Building Dimensions

While building dimensions will vary by project, we have noticed some common sizes such as a 30×40 metal barn, a 40×60 metal barn, and up to a 40×75 barn. Use our metal building tool to customize your structure to any height or length you need.

Why Choose Us For Metal Barns?


At Metal Buildings Unlimited, we bring our own 50 years of combined steel industry expertise to assist you with your metal building project. Our team of building contractors are experts in cold-formed, red iron, and galvanized steel. Our structural engineer ensures your steel structure meets load-bearing and building codes. We are your partners, from planning to installation and beyond.


The cost of steel buildings varies from location to manufacturer, but we leverage state-of-the-art cold-formed steel technology to create farm buildings that are more 30% more affordable than traditional construction. As a leading distributor of steel building kits, we're uniquely positioned to offer high-quality farm buildings at low prices.


Our extensive construction experience in Alabama, coupled with a working knowledge of local building codes and regulations, makes us a trustworthy partner for your storage building needs. Unlike distant corporate companies, we are a locally based metal building company in Enterprise, AL, and we're committed to serving our community and the Tri-State area for years to come.


Our metal buildings are built to code and crafted using top-grade steel components and building materials, ensuring durability and enduring performance. For your residential or commercial property, choose Metal Buildings Unlimited in Enterprise, Alabama, where solid construction meets reliability.

Metal Barn FAQs

Building your barn with metal is a more cost-effective choice than wood. Thanks to innovative cold-formed steel technology, our metal barn kits cost less than wood and standard steel construction.

Additionally, metal barns require minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood structures. Additionally, steel barns are more resistant to weather conditions, which means they will last longer and save you money on repairs and replacements.

Metal barns are built to last for several decades. With proper maintenance, an Alabama steel barn building can last 50 years or more. The durability of metal structures is unparalleled, making them a wise investment for safeguarding your farming equipment and livestock.

Insulating a metal barn building involves adding a protective layer between the metal structure and the interior. This can be done using spray foam, fiberglass, or rigid board insulation. It is important to seal all openings, such as doors and windows, to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Insulation not only helps in controlling the temperature inside the metal barn but also adds to the structure’s longevity by protecting it from condensation and corrosion.

Protect Your Assets with Custom Metal Barns

Our team has put in countless hours in ensuring our steel barn buildings are the ultimate answer to your storage and farming needs. With unmatched durability, low cost, and customizable features, our steel barns are an investment that reaps long-term rewards. We are proud to be a part of your journey in protecting your hard work. Explore our metal barns today!

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