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Protect Your valuables with Reliable metal building construction

Affordable Steel buildings: Cost Effective Storage Solutions

Buy affordable metal buildings in Alabama from Metal Buildings Unlimited, located in Enterprise, AL. Steel buildings are cost-effective storage solutions for home, farm, and business properties.

From metal garages to metal homes, our building kits are easy to install and budget-friendly compared to traditional steel construction methods.

Reach out to Metal Buildings Unlimited today for residential and commercial applications. Get a free quote, or try our online design tool today!

types of Metal buildings for sale

We build Alabama metal buildings and steel structures that are perfect for creating extra storage space and have easy installation and customization options. This adaptability ensures your metal building kit meets any specific building requirements you have.

Design Your Own Custom Metal Buildings

Design custom metal buildings in Enterprise, AL and beyond with our easy-to-use metal building designer, allowing you to visualize custom steel buildings, ensuring you get the perfect metal structure for your residential or commercial property.

Design your dream building kit from the comfort of your home. Explore various steel building sizes, roof styles, and color options with a metal building kit that meets your specific storage requirements.

Price custom metal buildings for sale without speaking with a salesperson. Click the link below for on-screen directions to create custom metal buildings. 

See Our Work: Metal Building Projects

The metal structures in our metal building photo gallery show firsthand how the highest quality metal building kits can be used to store equipment, tools, vehicles, and more.

Browse our discount metal buildings and see how we can improve your property with a prefabricated metal garage. Trust Metal Buildings Unlimited to bring your building to life with precision and craftsmanship at value prices.

The Benefits of an Affordable Metal Building

Rust, Mold, Weather, & Fire Resistant

Our affordable metal buildings for sale are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricane-force winds. These sturdy buildings are mold, pest, fire, and rust resistant. 

Low Maintenance Required

Don’t settle for a wood shed that will rot, warp, and fade. Metal buildings require less maintenance than traditional wood construction, making them the perfect choice for residential or commercial properties.

Durable and Secure Storage Solutions

You can rest easy knowing your assets are safe, whether in town or country. A strong steel structure is built to local code, meets state requirements, and can last for decades with minimal maintenance.  

custom design for Specific Needs

Build your metal structure exactly the way you want it. Design your dream building with our DIY metal building kits. With cold-formed steel, the cost of a custom metal building has never been more within reach.

metal building customization options

When it comes to custom metal barns and pre-engineered metal buildings in Alabama, we offer many customization options. These steel building designs make sure your metal structure meet your building requirements.

Metal Building Roof Style

Customized metal building types like regular roof panels, boxed eave roofs, gables, gambrels, and more are available. Vertical roofs are a key component that affects the look and durability of metal buildings for sale.

Metal Building Sizes

Our most popular steel building size varies according to the roof style of the metal building construction. Use our metal buildings tool to customize metal structures to almost any height or length. The width is limited to 50 feet.

Metal Building Color Options

You can choose from 24 colors for your steel structure’s walls, roof, and trim. Personal and roll-up doors have 12 color options.

Placement and Size of Windows and Doors

You choose the size, number, and position of windows and doors. Choose the location of the bay door and personal door for your own metal building.

the cost of metal buildings in Alabama

When we build a metal building, it is a process that involves assembling various steel building materials, each contributing to the overall cost. The average cost of metal buildings fluctuates from steel prices to location due to several factors.

Building Dimensions: The dimensions of a metal structure significantly influence the total cost. 

Price of Steel: The market price of raw steel shifts based on demand, transportation expenses, and unforeseen events that might impede steel industry distribution channels. 

Roof Types: We have five metal roofing templates. The pricing for roofing systems depends on design and elemental resistance.

Building Contractor or DIY Metal Build: A weld-free cold-formed steel building results in a lightweight metal building project that saves money on labor costs; Enterprise, AL residents can save even more by erecting their metal building kit.

Customization Options: Tailor-made metal building accessories impact the final cost of your steel structure.

Regional Location: Geographical location can influence metal building costs, but since we are a local metal building dealer, steel construction in Enterprise, AL, is not usually affected.

We invite you to explore our online estimation tool or reach out to our structural engineer for a free quote better to understand the investment in a custom steel building project. 

Discount steel building resources

Are you starting a DIY metal building project? Each metal building kit includes assembly instructions, floor plans, and foundation plans.

  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions: Our customized metal buildings come with a comprehensive guide that walks you through the assembly process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Visit our “How To” guide for more information and essential tools you will need to build.
  • DIY-Steel Building Kits: Our DIY metal building kits are pre-measured and cut to exact specifications. You can assemble your building quickly and efficiently with easy-to-follow instructions and metal building floor plans.

Metal Building Technical Specifications

  • Cold-Formed Steel Buildings: Metal Buildings Unlimited offers cold-formed steel buildings that are DIY-friendly, lightweight, and cost-effective.
  • Material Quality: We use top-grade steel components and high quality building material, ensuring your galvanized frame building is built to last.
  • Types of Steel: The types of steel we use in metal buildings depend on the load requirements. We follow the steel industry’s best practices, from red iron buildings to galvanized steel frames.
  • Installation Site: Our metal buildings Enterprise AL, come with easy-to-follow assembly and installation instructions, making constructing our custom steel building kits easy.

Our Metal Building Construction Process

Metal Building Ordering Process
During the planning and design phase, we work with you to understand the specific goals for your metal building construction, while meeting local building codes, permits, and regulations for steel buildings.
Metal Building Delivery
Your metal building kit will be shipped to you within 3 weeks, making for a quick installation time frame. We have the shortest lead times in the area. Contact us today to learn more about our metal building delivery process.
Prep the Installation Site
Before building your metal garage, determine if your metal construction site is on level ground, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. Our installation experts can provide plans to pouring concrete for the metal building foundation.
Metal Building Assembly
Metal shop assembly is easier than you think with our steel building kits. Do it yourself, or hire a metal building contractor, like Metal Buildings Unlimited.

Why Choose Us for prefab metal buildings?

When it comes to custom metal buildings, we sell more than just metal structures; we offer investments in quality and durability. With 50 years of experience in the steel industry, we are the top choice when shopping for the best metal buildings for sale. 


With 50 years in the steel industry, we're your trusted choice for buying metal buildings for sale.

Discount Metal Buildings for Sale

Our affordable metal building prices mean you get the best value without compromising on quality. Buy metal buildings and get extra storage space for less money.

Local Metal Building Specialists

Unlike distant corporate companies, we’re a local company committed to selling metal buildings in Enterprise, AL and beyond. We also partner with trusted builders for metal buildings in the Southeast.

Engineer certified metal buildings

We provide metal buildings are durable and engineered to meet building codes, ensuring long-lasting quality.

For Extra storage space buy Affordable metal building Kits

Don’t wait any longer for secure storage options. Trust our steel industry experience and take the first step towards increasing your property value with a new metal building in Alabama.

Discover easy assembly for less while buying metal barns and steel garages. Plan your metal building project with our online design tool for an affordable storage solution. Metal Buildings Unlimited is located at 557 Glover Ave #5, Enterprise, AL 36330. Come by or give us a call at 334-470-2200 for a free quote on metal building construction.

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